Improve the social life of our citizens with fluid, comfortable, accessible mobility solutions

D’Ieteren Auto has 200 years of mobility to their credit. This historical legitimacy makes us a key player in tomorrow’s mobility solutions. To accompany the changes linked to mobility, D’Ieteren Auto has launched D’Ieteren Mobility.

Resolutely focussed on the future, with D’Ieteren Mobility, we are continuing to develop a wider catalogue of products and services linked to mobility, going far beyond marketing and selling vehicles. Through these products and services that meet your needs, be they occasional or not, present or future, we are ready for the challenges to come.

This large ecosystem of brands, products and services aims to reinforce D’Ieteren Auto’s vision.  

We are mobility

Drive, move, from one place to another: our ways of getting around are undergoing a radical change. Studies show that most adults who were questioned, use a vehicle, even for short journeys. The number of journey remains stable, but the diversity of transport solutions is rapidly increasing.

In this new context, getting about has become synonymous with mobility, flexibility and fluidity. Owning a vehicle is no longer an objective in itself. Make way for the advantages lined to its use!

For D’Ieteren Mobility, your vehicle in no longer just a product. It is a set of mobile, connected services that make your life easier. A smartphone as a key and you are ready to go wherever you want, and more to the point, however you want.  For example, D’Ieteren Mobility has anticipated this new driving experience by supporting the launch of Poppy and the concept of car sharing.

Our projects

Improve the social life of our fellow citizens thanks to fluid, accessible, comfortable mobility solutions. This is no longer a dream or an ambition, it is a reality. It is D’Ieteren Auto’s reality. Learn more about the services and initiatives that are already assisting you in the mobility solutions of tomorrow.


Our KPIs



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