How we get from A to B is a major challenge when it comes to protecting our planet. ​

Which is why D'Ieteren is working hard to develop sustainable mobility.

«As a leader in our markets, we want to set an example in how we fulfil this responsibility, in line with our mission and values. We aim to be the benchmark and a source of inspiration when it comes to sustainable mobility.»

Denis Gorteman – CEO D’Ieteren

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But our corporate social responsibility does not stop there. We also promote sustainable growth for all while minimising our environmental impact.

Our two priority commitments dovetail perfectly with this global approach.

1. Halving our carbon footprint by 2025 is a very ambitious goal which requires a stringent action plan and which, in combination with a programme to offset unavoidable emissions, will enable us to be carbon-neutral as of 2021.
2. Promoting inclusive growth by fostering equal opportunities and diversity in all its forms (gender, background, age, etc.) is a source of creativity as it encourages multiple perspectives and helps to boost innovation.
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Our team is very proud to announce our operations are now CO₂ neutral. This is only one of the steps in our journey towards a more #sustainable organisation.

Antoine Geerinckx, Founder of CO2Logic: "We award CO2-Neutral Certification to organisations that calculate, reduce and offset their impact on the climate. Since 2015, this label has been validated by Vinçotte, an independent third-party certifying body, with a view to avoiding meaningless environmental declarations. The CO2-Neutral label is not only beneficial for our planet, but also ensures that labelled companies receive recognition for the real efforts they are making on behalf of the environment. Well done, D’Ieteren!"

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