Why we believe mobility is the driver of a thriving society

D’Ieteren is taking the opportunity of the 100th Brussels Motor Show to showcase its vehicle brands and mobility solutions.

We want to surprise people with a slightly unconventional approach. All of our vehicle brands will be there, just not in splendid isolation. We’ll take over the whole exhibition space to introduce the entire D’leteren mobility portfolio in the broadest possible sense.

It’s an explicit demonstration of how we’re contributing to an all-inclusive modern day mobility ecosystem, providing answers to the changing needs of our customers, just as we’ve always done over our 218 year history.

Our goal is clear: we want to build a seamless and sustainable mobility ecosystem where well-being and welfare are no longer on opposing sides. And where climate objectives can be met. We are convinced that both cars and other modes of mobility can be part of the solution, by combining traditional mobility options with new means of transportation, new technologies and new behaviour.

Today we are ready to take the lead in transforming Belgian mobility, fulfilling the needs of business and people alike. We want to do it by moving past what we call ‘the collaboration paradox’. We’re building a new and inclusive mobility ecosystem that includes previously unheard of initiatives and partnerships that go beyond the ordinary.

What we’re doing as a company will come as no surprise to you. In this short paper we want to provide some context as to why we’re embarking on this journey.

At D’Ieteren, our business is moving people forward… no matter what moves you.

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