An in-depth study into the mobility behaviour of professional and private consumers against the backdrop of the health crisis

As a leader in our markets, D'Ieteren is at the forefront of changing forms of mobility – which means we have a key role to play in making mobility fluid and sustainable. This is our raison d'être and what we've been working on for several years now. In view of the ongoing health crisis, combined with pressing economic, social and environmental issues, we decided to challenge our approach to mobility.

Towards new challenges for the mobility of tomorrow

The Polaris Mobility Study we commissioned earlier this year seeks to unravel and explain trends and habits among private and professional consumers so we can offer them mobility services that best meet their current and future needs.

Polaris is a large-scale study in which we surveyed 3,800 users, 300 fleet managers, 17 experts and 8 working groups.

The main findings

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It is our pleasure to share the findings of this study with all mobility stakeholders and actors. We hope it will serve as a source of inspiration and innovation. After all, while the current societal and technological challenges exceed us all in terms of their scale and complexity, they also bring us together for those very same reasons.   Enjoy!
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