Some cities restrict or prohibit the oldest and most polluting vehicles from entering certain zones, the aim being to improve air quality and public health.   Access is based on the vehicle's European emissions standard.

What is the European emissions standard (euronorm)?

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A euronorm is a European emissions standard for vehicles.

The higher your vehicle's European emissions standard, the more environmentally friendly your car.

Where can I find my vehicle's European emissions standard?

It is listed on your vehicle's registration certificate.

If the European emissions standard is not given on the registration certificate, then the date of the first registration is taken into account. This can also be found on your registration certificate.


Questions about your vehicle?

What does this mean for your car?

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You can be fined when entering an LEZ if your car does not comply with general and local conditions for accessing that LEZ.
Does your car not meet the conditions for accessing an LEZ?
Then consider replacing your car with a vehicle that does meet the conditions. To avoid having to buy another car in a few years' time, it is best to choose a car that meets both current and future access conditions.
Vintage cars
Some cities have exceptions for vintage cars. We advise you to consult the websites of the respective cities. This list is not exhaustive:
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What solutions does D'Ieteren offer?

New cars from well-known marques

Our marques are continuously investing in sustainable solutions. D'Ieteren offers a wide selection of electric cars and hybrid vehicles in stock.

Recent used cars

If you're looking for an excellent used car, you can find certified vehicles at My Way and Audi Approved: plus.

Innovative mobility solutions

We'll help you make a smooth transition.

  • With Edi we have the right charging solution for your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  • With Poppy we've launched a sharing platform that provides shared cars, mopeds and scooters.
  • With SKIPR we are addressing companies' needs to make multi-mobility simple and easy.
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