Our Vision for 2025

Electric and connected vehicles, digital experiences, the sharing economy and sustainable development are revolutionising the world of mobility.

Increasingly at the forefront of these changes and the multitude of challenges they bring, D'Ieteren has set itself the mission of developing fluid and sustainable mobility for all, based in particular on the premise that a car is no longer simply a product but rather a set of mobile and connected services, designed to make everyday life easier.

With this in mind, D'Ieteren has forged a new vision extending beyond vehicle distribution. Its ambition is to become the natural choice for mobility in Belgium by 2025, whatever the mode of transport used, and to make mobility a driver of sustainable development for future generations.

It has set four strategic priorities:

  • Customer Experience: Improve our customers' lives by striving for excellence in their mobility experience.
  • People: Make D'Ieteren a great place to work for current employees and future talent by nurturing our values within the workplace.
  • Product & Service Portfolio: Create and adapt a sustainable portfolio of products and services in line with customer needs.
  • Mobility Ecosystem: Build a coherent and consistent ecosystem of solutions meeting all sustainable mobility needs by leveraging our channels, network and partners.

Most importantly of all, we will realise this ambition responsibly and in a way that is respectful of the environment, our customers, our colleagues and the communities around us.

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